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 <-> Server NPCS Systems & FAQ <->

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PostSubject: <-> Server NPCS Systems & FAQ <->   Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:14 pm

Hey , Just made a Quick list of things that are to Come on NPCS and Systems and Which are going to be in-game so here it is , Categorized for Each Level , Quests & Stuff...

Level 1 = Server Info NPC , Starter Package NPC, Beginner Quest <- Custom JoyStory.

Level 10 = Job Advance , By one of our Custom Job Advancers, Advanced Quest <- Custom JoyStory.

Level 20 = Intermediate Quest & The Hunt for The Pets. <- Pet Quest.<- Custom JoyStory.

Level 35 = Hard Quest <- Custom JoyStory.

Level 50 = Hardcore Quest <- Custom JoyStory.

Level 70 = Level Cap Till new Job Advancers , HardCore ++ Solo Quest (Will be Teleported to A Special Map to farm those items etc.)

* These are not All NPCS & Quest but just the Neccesarily and Nicest ones. Suitable for Each Level.


Server Info NPC | Custom-Made.

Starter Package NPC | Custom-Made , Gives you the Neccesary Potions and Arrows , Bullets And Level 10 Weapon. (Dont throw you Level 10 Weapon away you will need it @ The Job Advance!)

Job Advancers CUSTOM | Talk to those Regarding the Job Advance , Bring him the Told items , Bring him your Level 10 Weapon You got from the Starter Package , He will Upgrade it.

Quest NPCS | Custom Quest NPCS. Farming Items , Etc.

Party Quest | Will Come Later! (Alot Later , Takes awhile!)

Jump Quests | Will Come Later!

Custom System | Shadow Meso System , Gained when you have 2 Billion Meso or Won in an Event, Trade your Shadow Mesos for some nice Stuff ^^

Skill Seller NPC | <- Nice? , Sells you Skills for Certain Items & Mesos.

Teleporting NPC | <- Teleport you to Every Neccesary Place. (Will Come!)

Timeless Weapon Seller | <- Sells timeless Weapons (And Armor Later!) For, The Requested Items and Mesos. (Dont think its Easy to get all the Items.)

Boss Spawners | <- Only for level 1 - 20 on the Beginner Island! <- Overuse and get banned.

* Everything is Custom Made.


Q: Do you Guys Give us Free ZakumHelmets and GM Items?

A: - No We dont , Its Spoon-Feeding , And we dont like that.


Q: How will the Rebirth System Be?

A: Not yet known , But not easy.


Q: Are there going to be Training Maps?

A: Yes Ofcourse! 1 - 50 , After that Find your Own Trainings, Lazy bum!


Q: Are the Custom Quests Easy?

A: Some Are Some Aren't, Depending on your level.


Q: Can you give me a Taste of The Quests?

A: Why not ill give the Level 1 Quest :

Hello There, Welcome in the Wonderfull World of JoyStory. Where you are Starting your Adventure Today.

Player Answers:

Player -> Hi There!!

Npc Answers With:

What an Enthousiasm!! Im sure you will like a Quest dont you?

Player Answers With:

-> Yes i would love to do my First Quest! -> See Below.

-> No I think ill make my way through. NPC Answer: Well , Ok! Just give me a Click when you need a Quest!

NPC Answer @ Yes. :

-> Haha Glad you do! Collect these Items for Me: 25 Snail Shells , 15 Blue Snail Shells , 10 Red Snail Shells Good Luck!


Q: Are The Stuff REALLY Custom and not Half-Stolen?

A: Haha , I Dont like stealing other people their work therefore , I Code and Create my Own NPCS and even Let you guys Bring in your Own Idea's , If you would like a NPC , System or Whatever just Reply @ The Event.


Q: Do you hand out Your Own Custom Made Stuff to Others?

A: Obviously , No.. Only if i know this Person or Trust him / her. Then he would gain Acces to my PC (Aka The Server) And Control , And edit the NPCS. I Only handpick those People.

B: No i dont hand out my Custom-Made stuff , Unless i want to. My Staff knows this and Accepts this.


Q: How Long do [ALPHA] and [BETA] Take?

A: [Alpha] Takes up to 4 weeks , This Includes Testing NPCS , Systems and Maps , Where players can join in the Fun also.

[Beta] Takes up to 8 weeks - 12 weeks , This Includes Testing & Having LOTS of Fun.


Q: Is the Server 24/7?

A: When i have a Laptop where i can Run it on Yes, This will be most Probably after Beta. I Cannot Guarantee its Fully Running without Some Errors From That Point.

B: The Server will be Around 19/7 In [Beta and Alpha] Mostly depends on your TimeZone.


Q: Which GM does Have Server-Acces and Which Doesn't?

A: [FM]Complexity has Full Server-Acces , so Does [GM]Hannalore, I Trust those 2 , I Know Hannalore for over 4 Years & Complexity is Some sorta my Right Hand.

So they can Restart and Power-Off The Server @ AnyTime my PC is On.


Q: Do you Photoshop / Graphically Design for People their Personal Use?

A: Sometimes i do , Sometimes i don't , Ive got lots of Work & HomeWork. Depends on how long it takes and How Much it is.


Things to Know About The Staff:

- Our GMS and CLS aren't your Slave's or Bots , They do not hand-out Items Unless you won an event legally.

- Our Forum Mod , Doesn't Ban or Suspend players for Fun or For your Personal use, If you have a Conflict with someone Report it to the FMS and They will Give their Opinion and Maybe Suspend both Players (Or If 1 Person did it 1 Person will be suspended)

-We are not Your Personal Slaves , We work as Fast And Hard as we Can on the Server , Please do not Spamm HURRY or Flame in-order to get your Will. This will Consult in Suspension for 2 days in Forum.
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<-> Server NPCS Systems & FAQ <->
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